Immersing myself in words and ideas took me to my largest project my first novel Drift, which traverses the US West Coast via a masterful small time con, an Arizona motel hooker and the shallow iconography of 5 star Hollywood.

Here’s the short synopsis – the devil hands small time conman Sebastian Cole and his motel hooker girlfriend ‘Tanya’ the bill for their 5 star free ride, chauffeuring them on a deadly journey through underbelly Hollywood’s sex and power games.

At first glance a fun pulp style desert noire romp – and in some ways it is. I want to entertain, but it’s told through a multiple first person narrative – two of those persons being the same character, another the devil himself. This allows Drift to blend the contemporary ‘social observant’ with a beat inspired style as it examines the universal human drives behind all the seedy tinsel town ‘action’. Sex, money, power and fragile egos and finally an answer to why there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

You can read some pages here and email me to order a hand made hard copy here. Also available on kindle at Amazon.