It’s oblogatory

Ah the obligatory blog. Should we now coin the term ‘oblogatory’, I am sure someone has. Maybe not, after all, people who write most blogs have their living or persona directly connected to them so maybe they’re unlikely to embrace the term. I have one, a blog, because I am told all writer’s web sites should have one – so I have no problem with the concept that this is here because of some kind of ‘digi social’ obligation or expectation. Which brings me to the point of this first blog – has social media, digital world, evolved so fast that we now have numerous new ‘digi-social’ conventions that go unquestioned because everyone is so busy feeling obiliged to fulfill them?  For example I just saw a piece on Instagram summer holiday picture conventions, tropes, or themes – call them what you will.  For me it highlighted how many great relaxing moments are ruined by this overwhelming newish ‘digi social’ obligation of photographing and sharing your fun with people who mostly don’t care or get quietly annoyed by your ‘good times’ bragging pics. That so many of these shots are stage managed just emphasises the point. Which is? Why not let the good times roll without always having to roll the camera.

Above is an unusual blog as I mostly want to share my music moments on here. So here’s some more regular Neal blog’s

First is a Buck Loner Revue gig I saw recently in Netwown – great new style alt country.

Second is a Dirt Picnic album review. Again another great local act – psyche americana- in style.

More will follow