Experience Writer.

No, that’s not a typo. I believe successful marketing writing is all about an enjoyable reader experience, which only comes from an underlying integrity in the overall communication. In other words treat your audience as an equal, even a friend if it feels right for the message. And always keep it real. Don’t drown them in bizspeak. Say it differently, even raise a smile. Above all don’t waste their time. So please read on.

My Experience.

My experience runs from early years as a journalist in South East London to a lengthy spell in the advertising and marketing world in London and Sydney. This has included working for CBA, ANZ, QBE Insurance, Fuji Xerox, Diageo, Volvo, Microsoft and Jaguar plus a ton of smaller businesses. I am now dedicated to freelance advertising and content creation dealing direct with clients and agencies as well as creating my own work. Including three novels. So I can create long compelling work from scratch if that’s what you need. I am also flexible, quick and understand the value of a dollar so am happy to fit within your budget.