HIPE Athletic


Your heart rate intelligently managed for 100% best return on time and effort.

Beats per minute matter in the gym as much as they do on the dance floor. 85% of your maximum heart rate is the ideal physical performance state – the HIPE ZONE. This is where the MAGIC happens – maximum calorie output through excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

Your metabolic rate stays amplified for up to 38hrs after you train. We will take you in and out of the HIPE Zone and track your heart rate with the latest technology. It’s the pumped, feel good state that keeps your body and mind in great shape. Successful high performance fitness training is as much about preparation as perspiration.

We’ve used the best brains to put your muscles to smarter use, with scientifically mapped routines. HIPE Athletic – it’s simply more fitness for the same effort.


It divides into 11 distinct workout areas, that add up to the overall HIPE training method. It creates a scientifically designed circuit, taking you in and out of the 85% heart rate zone. Each area has its own SMART COACH screen – your assistant trainer in the live classes and your guide when you train on your own.

You move from zone to zone in a team of up to 3 people. You have the choice of joining a class or you can rock up any time and simply follow the SMART COACH’s instructions if there is no class on, or simply choose your own exercises. The interval clock will signal the start and the end of each exercise. It’s all easy to follow, there’s no confusion, and it’s time efficient. We’ve done the preparation – you simply focus on the perspiration.