Safe Distance

A nuclear bomb blew up Eddie’s back yard. He fought back with a painting stick.


A British atom bomb test detonates in South Australia. Prime Minister Menzies promises everyone it is at a ‘safe distance’. Royal Australian Air Force translator Eddie Myrapintu sees this promise deliberately broken, lethal lies buried in the desert dust. He decides to repaint his shattered mind and the broken Dreamtime through his art. His own personal cover up begins.


Glamorous French anti-nuclear campaigner Anna Duprey flies into Sydney for a spectacular retrospective of Eddie’s now famed and valuable works. Seduced by the flashbulb bubble of the Emerald City, she seeks a fresh backdrop for her notorious on-line stunts. When Eddie mysteriously boycotts his own show she sees an opportunity to confront the glittering gallery crowd. Stirring up hidden powers of state, exposing truths most would still prefer to be kept at a safe distance.